About Us

Hi, I’m Hayden Wheatley. 
Usually, I’m working as the Founder and CEO of a personal care company called Challenger.
With the world in a state of semi-pause while we catch up to a sudden change in circumstances, I want to find a way to help people now.
The Great Los Angeles Meat Drop is about problem solving to add value, and that’s what we do by hooking up our neighbors with really good food.
We bring the best (seriously, the best) 5 star, restaurant quality meat to West Los Angeles, and drop it to you from our balcony. Yes, if you can think of one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, chances are good it’s the same meat. It’s been the main, best, nice thing about spending all this time at home is eating steak and good meat every damn day.
So we found the best meat suppliers that don’t sell to the public because they only service the best restaurants in the city, and we’re making it easy for you to get hooked up.
  • The best steak and ground beef (and likely more as we grow. A5 Wagyu anyone??)
  • Each item is vacuum sealed for longer shelf life, and if you like, easy freezing
  • You get to pick up your Great Los Angeles Meat Drop in the coolest way (without having to go to the supermarket)
  • The meat is seriously the best, and you get it for a capital “F” Fraction of the price
Initially this was just a thing I did for myself and my roommates, but there’s too wonderful of an opportunity to share something great with a lot of people around me. We can help people get great, vacuum sealed, premium food at an excellent value, without their having to risk going to the supermarket. It’s wonderful being able to try this to help.
Excited to see what happens and grateful to be able to try and help.
All the Best and Back to Work,

Support The Great Los Angeles Meat Drop

You can support the Great Los Angeles Meat Drop by buying a gift card, or by making a contribution with bitcoin to the wallet here.